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5 Steps To Follow To Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger

Do you have a big party coming up and you are not satisfied with your eyes and eye makeup? Sometimes, whatever you try to do and however much you buy products from your eye makeup product supplier, nothing seems to work. Today we are going to tell you how to make your eyes look bigger and more like a Disney princess. Follow these steps and see for yourself the change it would bring to your whole look.

Conceal The Dark Shadows

Conceal the dark shadows

Your first step should be to conceal any of the tiredness that might be showing. Use a good concealer with a color that is lighter than your skin tone. This will help hide all the dark shadows under your eyes. You can also apply it to the outer and inner corners of the eyes. This will not only make your eyes look brighter but also make the eyes appear bigger. But after applying the concealer use some translucent powder and let it sit for two to three minutes. After a while dust it off with a clean makeup brush. This is known as baking under your eyes which will prevent any smudges throughout the day. You can do this after you finish off your whole eye makeup.

Line It With The Eyeliner

If you want a classic look, then you can use a black eyeliner even though nude colors are all the hype nowadays. But whatever you use, remember to waterline your eyes on the lower line and the upper line. Also, eyeliner tends to get smudged and get wiped off, especially the lower line as we blink every second of the day. So, invest in a good waterproof and smudge-proof Meiya eyeliner. You can also use a white pencil eyeliner, but beige eyeliner has a more natural effect.

Don’t Be Afraid To Highlight It

Don’t be afraid to highlight it

Highlighter gives life to both your cheekbones and your eyes. Just apply some on the brow bone, which will not only uplift your brow but also will highlight your eyes. You can also use it on the inner corners of your eyes and at the very center of your eyelid to make your eyes pop.

Don’t Forget Your Eyelashes

How you make your eyelashes look, have a crucial effect on your appearance of big eyes. Both your upper and lower eyelashes should be curled properly. A lot of women use fake eyelashes to make their eyes look bigger, but if you are more into the natural look, you can just curl your natural eyelashes. Also, do not forget to curl your lower eyelashes too. This will elongate your eyes more.

Wing It

Wing it

Last but not the least, winged eyeliner can make your eyes look bigger even if you have small eyes. So, feel free to consider this option.

Follow these steps by buying good products from your eye makeup product supplier and, you will have big beautiful Disney princess eyes.

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