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Beauty Blenders Or Makeup Brushes? What Women In Philippines Prefer?

Beauty Blenders Or Makeup Brushes What Women In Philippines Prefer

As per expert makeup artists, makeup applicators, like makeup brushes, beauty blenders, and makeup sponges ensure that your makeup is properly blended instead of being cakey. So, makeup brushes or beauty blenders, what do our dear Filipino ladies use and like the most? Let’s know today from this blog.

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Beauty Blenders Or Makeup Brushes

Floriza Ocampo

“I am a makeup enthusiast and hence I have a huge collection of makeup products and tools inside my makeup bag. I prefer using makeup brushes as they are easy to clean and more convenient. Also, you cannot use a beauty blender for your eye makeup that’s why I don’t purchase them anymore.”

Kyla Alcaraz

“Beauty blender as it provides even coverage and matte finish that I so much love. I also carry eyeshadow and blush brush though.”

Jessie Casul

“Actually, both. A beauty blender is best for applying foundation and compact whereas makeup brushes are excellent for applying blush and eyeshadows.”

Fritch Rodriguez

“Beauty blender is something I absolutely love. I own at least 6 makeup sponges varying in shape and sizes. I just don’t like makeup brushes because they require you to be an expert in doing makeup.”

Medflyn Ramos

“I use makeup brushes because I like to go for air-brushed looks. Also, beauty blenders are costly for no honest reason.”

Hazel Abella

“It depends on the occasion. For a casual look, I use a beauty blender and for a party look, I do my makeup with brushes.”

Angela Garcia

“I have both makeup sponges and makeup brushes. I use all of them to do my everyday makeup.”

Chanen D’Souza

“I hardly use makeup but whenever I do, I ensure that it is applied perfectly. I believe a perfect makeup look can only be achieved with makeup brushes. So, I prefer makeup brushes instead of makeup sponges.”

Strella Suano

“Beauty blender is just a fancy name for regular sponges. I would rather use a small air-filled balloon than an overpriced makeup sponge. I do use a soft and fluffy brush to apply blush and face powder.”

So, what do you use? Beauty blenders or makeup sponges? Tell us in the comments. Don’t forget to buy the best cosmetics from Meiya, the leading online makeup supplier in the Philippines.

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