Why Makeup Is An Integral Part Of Women Living In The Philippines

Makeup is something that has been prevalent in the lives of both men and women since centuries. However, the makeup used by men and women is poles apart. Women in Philippines love making themselves beautiful and presentable and hence spend a good amount of money on cosmetics and various products. Well, why shouldn’t they? Everyone deserves to look beautiful and their best. Looking beautiful adds a deeper level of confidence in an individual. Whether you want to wear makeup or not is entirely up to you but if you need premium-quality makeup products then you can get in touch with Meiya, one of the best online makeup suppliers in the Philippines.

To understand the importance of makeup in the lives of Filipino women, we asked several of them to tell us how makeup has enhanced their lives. Let’s know what they have told us.

Shally Maglalang

“I wear makeup because it makes me feel beautiful and attractive. Makeup makes me feel confident in myself and hence I am a frequent buyer of makeup.”

Jovita Raman

“There was a time when I hated makeup but then I came across Meiya’s website and started reading their blogs on skincare and makeup. Gradually, my love for makeup grew and increased and now I have become an expert in doing all types of makeup. Makeup in my life is what a cell is to a human’s body.”

Geraldine Lopez

“As a woman, I can’t help but get attracted to doing and purchasing makeup. I mean if women won’t be crazy about makeup then who will? Makeup is important to me because it defines who I am and who I want to be perfectly.”

Kim Ceniza

“Makeup is an integral part of my life because it boosts my self-esteem and I become more vocal and happy when I apply makeup. If a little lipstick can bring a smile on my face then why should I not apply it?”

Julie Erazo

“I am the kind of women who experiments a lot with everything. I like doing makeup because it gives me the chance to explore my creative bone. I have tried almost all types of makeup styles whether it is HD makeup, airbrush makeup, or smokey makeup. So, yes, for me, makeup is my livelihood and a means to explore my imagination and creativity.

So, why do you love wearing makeup and what makeup means to you? Tell us in the comments section below. Purchase amazing makeup palettes from the top makeup palette supplier in the Philippines.


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