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A Common Dilemma Of Women On What To Use: Lipstick Or Lipgloss?

There is always a dilemma in a lot of women who don’t know what to apply; lipstick or lip gloss. Some defined events like wedding or parties, you might be determined to wear only lipstick if you want to be more outgoing. But on most occasions, it could be confusing. It mostly depends on what kind of event you are going to, what is the occasion, and how you want to appear in front of others. Some women always prefer to be as simple as possible with least makeup on. But not all situation asks for lipstick and not all situation is good for lip gloss. So, before you buy lip makeup from your lip makeup supplier, take a look at their difference.


Lip Makeup Supplier Philippines

Whether you would like to use lipstick or lip gloss depends on how it feels on your lips and how it reflects light. On one hand, a lipstick feels silky, creamy, moisturizing, or dry depending on its type. There are different type of lipsticks giving different effects to your lips. There are many types of lipsticks which are satin, sheer, frosted, creamy, semi-matte and matte. All of these have different effects like they can be lightweight or heavy, shiny or non-shiny. Lip glosses, on the other hand, have only a glossy effect. They are also quite heavier than lipsticks. They add a sheen to the lips which is shinier than lipsticks.


Lip Makeup Supplier Philippines

How you apply any of these things is a big factor. Lipsticks always need before and after work. It is best applied when lips are exfoliated and moisturized before. Applying it on dry lips can turn out to be not so appealing. You should also apply lip liner before if you are not yet a pro at applying lipstick. Lip gloss, on the other hand, might not need so much prepping especially if you use a moisturizing one. Of course, you can prep in this case too if you want to make it last longer. But, in most cases, it can be done without prepping.

Where To Wear It

Lip Makeup Supplier Philippines

The most important question is when is it suitable to wear either one. In most cases, either one can be applied as your moods suits it. But there are also certain situations that suit only either lipstick or either lip gloss. Normally lip gloss is suitable when you want your makeup to be smoky. You can use a light colour of lipstick when going to the office. While doing touch-up you can use lipgloss to make it look subtle.

So, rely on your judgement the most or take help from someone who knows you the best and apply what you think will look best on you. You can buy matte tint lip gloss or Meiya lipstick in different shades from your lip makeup supplier in the Philippines.

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