Know The Difference Between Matte And Dewy Makeup

Makeup and everything that comes with it can be very confusing. There are so many questions we ask when buying or doing makeup. Do I need the matte lipstick or the glossy one? Which one will suit me more? Your lip makeup supplier might tell you that you can buy any type and it will look good on you. But it is who need to decide which will suit your skin best. For that, you will need to know the difference between all these types of skin. Here, we have talked about the difference between matte and dewy makeup.


Before you see the difference in makeup you will need to know the different kind of impacts matte skin and dewy skin shows. The basic difference is the type of finish it gives the skin and the amount of shine and radiance they show. Matte skin doesn’t have any oil whereas dewy skin has a moist appearance. Matte has a more velvety finish with a powdery texture and skin due to the natural oils reflect light and creates a radiance.

Those who have excessive oily skin and tend to have acne a lot of matte skin is the best for them. This will limit the oil in the skin and there won’t be any extra moisture. Dewy skin, on the other hand, works more with people who have dry skin. It makes your skin look young, fresh, and vibrant. It keeps the skin moisturized and works on a person of any age.

Now coming to the makeup, matte makeup is basically the opposite of glossy one. It gives a flat look and doesn’t shine at all. But flat doesn’t mean that it will make you look dull and bland, rather it will give you a more subtle and sophisticated look. Dewy makeup is like having lightly spritz wetness on, while matte makeup is flat and not glossy. Dewy can be achieved with the foundation you mostly wear and also with strategic highlights on the face to accentuate certain parts of the face.

When it comes to the lip makeup or your eye makeup you will need to choose your preferred type more carefully as eyes and lips are the most accentuating features of our face. You can always use the opposite like if you have matte skin use dewy makeup and if you have dewy skin use matte makeup. If your skin is matte, then add a bit of a shimmer to your eyes and a shiny look to your lips.

Eye Makeup

There are many ways to wear your makeup with dewy skin. Make sure that the rest of the makeup isn’t too glossy or wet looking as it can be too much if it’s everywhere. Choose a feature to give a natural or matte finish to. It adds more texture and interest to your makeup. For this, you will need a good lip makeup supplier to get the products that will give you the perfect finish to your skin and makeup.

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