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Make Matte Your New Trend With These Lip Makeup Products

“Of course beauty comes from within. Lipstick just adds a little pizzazz.”- Anna Warner

Without lipstick, your makeup never feels complete. Over the years, matte lipsticks have become more popular than gloss lipsticks. Maybe it’s because the natural and subtle look has become more popular or matte lipstick’s effect lasts longer. But either way, they have become far more popular for every occasion. Today, we, at Meiya, a lip makeup supplier in the Philippines are going to tell you why matte lipsticks are better than glossy lipsticks, the benefits of using matte lipsticks, and the type of products we offer.

There are various reasons why a lot of people prefer matte over gloss. Matte is modern than gloss. Remember the 70s when everything used to be shiny and made with bright colors. Nowadays, most people lean more towards a classy look. Matte lipstick accentuates that look very well.

There are also a few benefits of matte lipstick:

Classy, neat, and natural look: Matte lipstick offers a really neat, natural, and stylish look. Unlike glossy lipstick, any shade of matte tends to suit every kind of skin tone.

Benefits of matte lipstick


Glossy lipstick does not last much longer. If you eat or drink anything, the glossy effect is immediately gone. You tend to keep applying it again and again. On the other hand, matte stays intact almost throughout the day.

Suitable for all seasons:

Whether its Summer, Monsoon, or Winter matte lipsticks are suitable for all seasons. It won’t get smudged due to weather extremities.

Try More Fashion Looks:

You can experiment a lot with your matte lipsticks. Too much gloss doesn’t always look good, but with a matte, every time you apply it gives a different look.

There are several types of products that we offer:

Meiya Metallic Matte Lipstick:

Meiya Metallic Matte Lipstick

Available in four different shades, this gives a bold look to your lips. The four shades are Mauve, Medium violet, hot pink, and Ballet Slipper. If you are going to a party or get together, you can use these bold shades to accentuate your lips.

Matte lipstick:

meiya Matte lipstick

It not only lasts for a long time but it also keeps your lips moisturized. You can use them daily or on special occasions. There are 6 shades available that you can alternate every day on the weekdays. They are ‘spiked with rum’, ‘cinnamon spice’, ‘don’t blink pink’, ‘rose-red’, ‘red’, and ‘cherry bomb’.

Meiya matte lipstick:

Meiya matte lipstick

Another kind of simple, but subtle matte lipstick offered by Meiya also has 6 different shades. These are ‘chocolate red’, ‘coral red’, ‘peach red’, ‘romantic red’, ‘rose-red’, and ‘wine red’. They give a distinct glow to your lips.

So, don’t hesitate and get in the trend of matte Lipsticks with the help of your Lip Makeup Supplier.

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