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5 Face Makeup Products You Must Have For Every Occasion

Face makeup products

Whether it is weekend or weekdays; party or events, weddings or funerals, we always want to look our best ( maybe not so much at funerals). But sometimes it gets tiring to do the whole makeup applying procedures, especially on Mondays. On those days you don’t feel like applying all the makeups but yet want to look your best. You can buy these 5 makeup products from Meiya, a leading face makeup products supplier from the Philippines, and keep them with you wherever you go. Just apply them anytime, and you would look fresh even after a busy day.

Perfect Skin Creator Concealer

Meiya skin creator concealer

As the name suggests, concealer is all about concealing the imperfections. It comes very handy if you haven’t slept last night and have dark circles under your eyes. Remember to choose a concealer lighter than your skin tone. The advantage of this concealer is that it’s a pencil nipped. It is very easy to use and easy to carry.

Meiya Trio Blusher

Meiya Trio Blusher

The three different shades of the blusher are all similar to your natural skin tone. Applying any one of the shade can give you a natural and fresh look. Except for your cheeks, you can also swipe some of your blush above temple for added definition. Keep in mind at what time you are applying the makeup. If you are going for a subtle look then applying the lightest color during the daytime and the darker tone during nighttime.

Meiya BB Cream

Meiya BB Cream

This has a lot of uses. It is the all-in-one kind of makeup, where you get concealer, sunscreen, primer, foundation altogether. You can simply use this if you don’t feel like using any kind of other makeups. In addition to that, it also hydrates your skin. You can use them mostly on office days when you are in a hurry.

Meiya Long Lasting Face Powder

Meiya Long Lasting Face Powder

If you are using concealer, foundation, primer etc, then make sure you have this long-lasting face powder with you. Face powder is a very essential product in makeup, yet a lot of people tend to ignore that. This long-lasting face powder will last almost throughout the day, and it also gives the finishing touch to your makeup and give a smooth skin.

Meiya Full Coverage CC Cream

Meiya Coverage CC Cream

‘CC’ means color control. CC cream is a lot like BB cream but with more advantages. It has anti-ageing properties along with SPF and moisturizer. It provides more coverage than BB cream, which can be useful if you are going to be outside for most of the day.

These products are all very easy to carry with you and with practice, it is also easy to use. So you should buy these products from your face makeup products supplier as soon as possible.

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