Learn To Clean And Take Care Of Your Makeup Brushes At Home

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As much as you should care for your makeup, you should also learn to take care of your makeup brushes and clean them when needed. Cleaning everything has become much more important right now in this pandemic. So, even the brushes used in your makeup and cosmetic products should be cleaned properly. There are two ways to clean them. One is spot cleaning and the other one is deep cleaning. Take a look at what they are and how to do it.

Spot Cleaning

This method is normally used when you don’t have much time on your hands. It is the easiest way and takes a lot less time than deep cleaning. The clean brushes that are mostly used for blending are the perfect brushes for spot cleaning. To do this, you will need to buy a makeup brush cleaner. All you need to do is spray the cleaner on the brushes to make them damp. By using a paper towel, dry the brushes by swirling them on it. If any dampness is left, you can wipe them off. To make them fully dry, you can keep them to dry in your room just to be sure.

Deep Cleaning

Sometimes, spot cleaning is not enough, especially if you don’t clean your makeup brushes regularly. Deep cleaning is the only way to make sure that there are no bacteria on the brushes. You don’t need any expensive cleanser for deep cleaning. You can simply use shampoo or liquid soap. You can also add some vinegar if you want. Adding a drop of olive oil keep the brushes moisturized and strong. Apply it on the brushes and swirl them around so that it reaches everywhere. After everything has been cleaned, you can place the brushes under tap water. Don’t keep too much pressure on the water and it would be best if the water is cold. Squeeze out the excess water with a paper towel and lay them out to dry.

Cleaning your makeup brushes and even beauty blenders almost every day is very much recommended. You don’t need to sanitize them, but cleaning them only with a cleanser is very much needed. As you are using them on your face, you should be very careful to prevent any kind of allergic reaction on your face. If cleaning them every day is not possible, then keep different sets to use them on the alternative days and then clean them on the weekends, So, always use your makeup and cosmetic products only after cleaning your makeup brushes.

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