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Precautions To Take Care Of Your Makeup Products This Monsoon

Monsoon is almost here and you will again need to take a lot of preparations during this time. People in the Philippines are always needed to be extra cautious as it is a place where monsoon hits hard. But along with all your other preparations don’t forget your makeup and cosmetic products. Here are a few ways you can use to protect your makeup from the damp weather of monsoon.

Store Them Properly

Makeup & Cosmetics Products - Meiya

It is always advised to use powder-based products during the monsoon. So, if you are using the same during this time, it can go bad if not stored properly. Makeup products like face powder, Meiya eye shadows, etc. should be stored in a cabinet which is airy and dry. This will allow you to keep the dampness away from your makeup.

Always Re-Seal Positively

Makeup & Cosmetics Products - Meiya

Often, we become lazy and forget to make sure everything is sealed properly. During the monsoon, you cannot afford to make this mistake at all. If any of the makeup is kept out in the open, the quality will become bad due to dampness. So, make sure that you always close the covers and lids of each makeup and cosmetic products properly after every use.

Take Care Of The Brushes Too

Makeup Brushes

Only the makeup products are not the one, you should be taking care of. All the makeup applicants are important too. Otherwise, makeup brushes can lose their shape and working ability due to humidity and fungus. So, make sure you keep them dry and safe. To do that, seal the brushes in separate zip pouches and store it in an airy and dry drawer.

Keep The Blow Dryer As An Alternative

Blow Dryer

If in case, you do fail to keep your makeup products and end up wetting them, keep the blow dryer handy. Use it to dry them well. But make sure to not use it too much or too many times as it will then lessen the colour and quality of the products.

Check Their Condition Well

Makeup Products - Meiya

You should always check the quality of your makeup products before you apply them. In case they do become damp, it can carry bacteria within them which will cause allergy and infection. So, use them only if it’s dry. Otherwise, your skin will end up worse.

Check The Smell Of The Product

Check The Smell Of The Product

A bad smell is always a giveaway. Your makeup and cosmetic products should always have their usual smell or scent. If in case, it starts to give off a foul smell or there is any discolouration in the product, then throw it away.

Make sure to follow these tips this monsoon to keep your makeup safe. If required, you can always buy new makeup and cosmetic products in the Philippines.

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