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Different Types Of Mascaras For Different Occasions


“I won’t cry for you, my mascara is too expensive.”– Adriana Lima

Mascara is a part of the makeup which ‘not a lot of people’ tend to use due to various reasons. Some people think there is no such effect for using mascara. Some don’t know the technique to use a mascara properly.


If not applied properly, your eyelashes can get stuck together and give a very unflattering look. But it also sometimes depends on what kind of mascara you are using. At Meiya, a leading eye makeup products supplier in the Philippines offers various kinds of Mascara that you can apply depending on the occasions and in what kind of mood you are in.

Black Swan Mascara

Black swan mascara

Black Swan’s advanced formula gives you long, full, individually emphasized lashes from the very first application. It curls, volumizes, and defines each and every lash. If you are not happy with your normal eyelashes and you like to use mascara daily, you can use this one. Just apply it once by giving an upward curl to your lashes and our eye will have a different look.

Meiya Lash Lengthening Mascara

This lash lengthening mascara is waterproof, which ensures buildable volume and definition like never before. Its ultra-flexible polymer brush with micro-chambers doesn’t leave out any of the lashes. Its formula won’t irritate even the most sensitive eyes. If you have sensitive eyes and you feel your eyelashes are not long enough, you can use this mascara. You can also use it on a special occasion (if going on a date) and enjoy the dramatic effect of your eyes.

Volume Glamour Mascara

If the purpose of your makeup is to look glamorous then you should buy this mascara. The Volume glamour mascara gives a bold and intense look to eyes. The bristles of the brush are very thin and small. This ensures that your eyelashes don’t clump together. If you are going to a club or a party, this one should be your go-to mascara.

Mascara Waterproof

Mascara Waterproof

It is monsoon time, and waterproof makeup is very important during this season. This waterproof mascara is long-lasting for a whole day, and it brings out full, up-facing curls. This is also a mascara which you can use every day, especially during the monsoon.

If you haven’t found out a suitable mascara for every occasion at an affordable price, then come to Meiya, a leading eye makeup products supplier in the Philippines, offering various kinds of Mascara.

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