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Follow These Steps To Apply Liquid Eyeliner If You Are A Beginner

Are you a beginner in applying makeup? Applying it is an art that needs a lot of practice. Other than knowing how to apply foundation, primer, lipstick, etc. the most caution is required while applying eyeliner and mascara. Always buy the best eye makeup from your supplier and follow the given steps to have the perfect eye makeup.

Why Choose Liquid Eyeliner?

This is a relevant question, since even eyeliner has so many variations nowadays. So, why should you instead choose the liquid one? There are several advantages of liquid eyeliner. First being that it helps you apply smoothly. As a beginner, you should definitely use it as it will help you apply it easily. It also prevents clumping of the eyeliner on the eyelids while you are applying it. It lasts the whole day if you buy the waterproof eyeliner. Several brands like Meiya provides waterproof eyeliner. This will help you maintain your look even if you want to feel refreshed in the middle of the day. But at the end of the day, you can clean up quite easily. A little bit of cleanser on a cotton pad and you can clean it up very easily. a lot of cheap eyeliners don’t tend to last but also doesn’t get cleaned up easily and rather get smudged. With a good quality liquid eyeliner, you won’t have those problems.

Hold The Brush Flat

Make sure the brush in your eyeliner is smooth and very thin. This will help you apply it as precisely as you want. you can make the lines as broader as you want but also as thicker as you want. First, shake your eyeliner tube well, so the eyeliner is all smooth. Next, while applying hold your brush flat. If you hold it straight instead, it can make the eyeliner messy.

Start In The Middle

Always remember to start from the middle. Also, start by holding the brush closer to the lashes as much as possible. While in the middle, start by dragging it to the outer corners. After that do the inner corners. Be careful while doing the inner corners, as it can get messy if you are unable to keep your hand steady.

Create The Wing

Creating wings is important if you want to make your eyes look attractive. This is the most difficult part. So always save it for the last. Create a wing by following the lower lash line and then going upwards. If you can make small wings if you want to keep it simple. This step is also important as it makes the liner equal.

You can do the rest of your eye makeup after you have perfected your eyeliner. So, follow these steps and for more makeup advice, you can ask your eye makeup supplier in the Philippines.

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