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Precautions You Should Take With Your Makeup During COVID-19

As of on April 2nd, the number of Coronavirus cases in the Philippines has become 2633 and death toll has reached 107. At a time like this, when the whole world is panicking over this pandemic, it is hard to say when we will all be relieved from this. We have all become quite cautious about everything. Even our makeup. Whether you are someone who wears makeup on a regular basis or someone who is a makeup artist or a model whose job is working with makeup, you should be careful. If you need to still use makeup and cosmetic products, you need to take precautions.

It is not certain how long the virus can stay on any surface and for how many hours it can persist on it. It has been reported that it can live on materials like cardboard, metal and plastic. This also evidently proves that it can persist on makeup and cosmetic products too. Do not apply any of the product without taking any precautions.

You may not know it but there are too many bacteria in your brushes most times. In addition to washing and sanitizing your hands before touching the face or any products, it is also recommended to disinfect the pallets and brushes. With the help of an alcohol-based sanitizer, disinfect it all. But don’t try to rub them clean with any cloth or your hands. Simply let them dry out on their own. Otherwise, there are chances of contamination present.

If you are an expert in applying makeup and cosmetic products with the help of your hand, you should be extra careful. Apart from sanitizing your hands well before touching the face, we would suggest you try and use sponge or brush to apply makeup for these few days. You can dry wash your brush and sponges too.

Apart from all these, there are other products to take care of too. Your lip crayon, eye pencil, and mascara wands should be handled with care too. It is advised to sharpen your lip crayon and eye pencil after every use to remove the external layer.

The best way to stay safe is to use your own products and do not share them with anyone. After all, these are the things that come into such close contact with our skin, our mouths, our noses, and our eyes. If you need to take them with you outside the house, then remember to disinfect them before use. You can buy makeup and cosmetic products in the Philippines even during this time.

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